Nov 13, 2014

Happy Fall !!!! and sorry for the lack of posts....

I can't believe that my last post was in summer......
I know that I've said it before but I hope to do better.
One thing that would help is if Y'all would let me know more of what you want as far as updates and types of posts?

Time to talk Turkey: We still have quite a few Turkeys left. (Hint- Hint) 
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 Above is one of our renegade hens from over the summer. No matter what, she would not stay with the flock. She lived truly free range with the help of the pigs being messy eaters.... Scared the heck out of me... I certainly didn't expect her perching there...
 Moving this group of Turkeys has been the easiest out of all three years. They follow me everywhere.... even when I don't have feed.....
Couple more weeks and these Tom's will be the Perfect Size, we are hoping between 20-25 lbs. So hard to tell with all the feathers....

Jul 28, 2014

When the pigs get out....

Not a great photo, as I dared not stop the van, but the other day we found 3 pigs out, a long way from their area.... A creek, a bridge, and 3 turns away...

We just kept going slowly in the van and they trotted back up the road, turned over the bridge, took the slight right then the Hard right and went right back in at the point they had gotten out, showing us the weak point in our single strand fence.

As with many things in life, I believe The Lord bailed us out again.... That certainly could have gone horribly wrong.

Jul 21, 2014

Turkey's and Beef....

Turkey's are here!

This year we are raising both Broad Breasted Whites along with Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys. We also have a mix of both male and females which will enable us to offer smaller frier size birds to our customers who want them.
 Get your orders in, they won't last long!

We have 6 cows on the farm now, and we have moved up to the upper field. We started grazing the lower field on May 23, so when we get back down there, the first paddock will have had over 60 days to rest and regrow.

We currently have 1 half and 1 quarter beef still available!

May 19, 2014

EGGS! EGGS!.... Grass Fed Beef

 Eggs For Sale!
 We are currently accepting new egg customers, they sell for $4 a dozen. Our hens are on fresh pasture and moved weekly or as needed to new pasture. We are looking to set up a weekly drop in Fairborn, Beavercreek area, Please let us know.

Grass Fed Beef is on the farm! and, will soon be on the order form. Join our email newsletter to ensure you know when we add it to our products page and order form.

Apr 19, 2014

We've got action!

 One of our first eggs of the Season!
Soon we'll have enough to share...

Some of the girls exploring their new freedom!